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29. marts 2017 - 20:53:50  

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Faxe Floor Soap Natural

Faxe Gulvsæbe Natur
FAXE FLOOR SOAP WHITE                                                                 

Product Description

Faxe Floor Soap is produced from light and purified vegetable oils and natural wax.  The product has especially been developed to saturate the poors of wood work and provide an effective protection against stains such as coffee, redwine and alike.  Faxe Floor Soap Natural leaves a natural golden surface with a silk matt finish which is easy to maintain and is completely natural.  Faxe Floor Soap is a clean and environmental friendly product without additives.
User Guide:
Faxe Floor Soap is especially suitable as after care and maintenance of lye treated wood work on floors, furniture, table tops i.e., where the dark or golden finish is desired.   The product is also most suitable for old, lye treated or untreated woodwork that needs a "pick-me-up".  Lye treated wood work is effectively saturated with a strong solution of Faxe Floor Soap and water.
  1. Shake container before use.
  2. Dilute 1 l Faxe Floor Soap in 5-10 l hand warm water.
  3. With a mop or a floor cloth wash the woodwork in a longitute direction with the warm soap water.
  4. The wood work is wiped over with a wringed out mop or cloth.
  5. To obtain the best protection of the wood work repeat the treatment before use.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Daily cleaning and maintenance of wood work treated with Faxe Floor Soap is generally just a hoovering.  When the wood work begins to show up dirty, it is easily washed with Faxe Floor Soap as described above.  Although a dilution of 1:10 in hand warm water is efficient.  Depending on the desired wish of colour-tone a change between Faxe Floor Soap White and Faxe Floor Soap Natural.  Tough stains or dirty areas can before wash be removed with Faxe Woodcleaner and hand warm warter diluted 1:40. Leave the wood work to dry for 1-2 hours and then saturate the woodwork with Faxe Floor Soap as described in "Application".
Specifications for Faxe Floor Soap Natural:

Cover Range

Ca. 50-100 m2/l


min. +5°C

Shelf Life

Un-opened 5 years

Drying Time

ca. 1-2 hrs. at 20°C.




Soya Soap and Natural Wax.

Keep away from children.

Click here for safety data sheet


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